Theme and Main Topics

1st International Communication, Innovation and Design Congress, organized by Istanbul Aydın University Faculty of Communication on the online platform between October 3rd and October 4th, 2022, aims to open an interdisciplinary field by discussing innovative practices and theories in the fields of communication and design with the invited participants. The Congress is open to applications from researchers, academicians, artists, curators, designers and graduate students from all fields, on the theme of “Digital Future”. Within the scope of the congress, open sessions will be held with the participation of important names from academia and the sector.

Within the scope of the Ist International Communication, Innovation and Design Congress, a visual communication design exhibition will also be held with the same theme. The exhibition is open to the general application of artists, designers and all postgraduate students individually, as well as art works produced independently of technique.

Digitalization, which has become a part of our daily lives, has made its presence felt and created a digital culture. This transformation has built a new social structure by shaping the smallest unit of society, the individual. This digital culture and renewed social structure make itself felt in the fields of media, art, design, public relations, organizational culture, cinema, advertising and new media. Moreover, Generation Z, known as digital natives, describes a generation born in the midst of this culture.

*Accepted abstracts and full-text papers will be included in the electronic proceedings booklet. The articles that participate with a full paper and selected by the scientific committee will be published in the special issue of Istanbul Aydın University New Media E-Journal.

*Accepted abstracts must be presented online on the relevant dates.

*Accepted abstracts and full-text papers will be sent to you via e-mail with a digital certificate after the presentation.

*For postgraduate participation, doctorate students can present a paper individually, but master students can submit a paper with at least one academician from the field and publish it if approved.

Terms of (Art)Work Submission

*Participants can apply to the exhibition with a maximum of 3 works.

*Works must be uploaded to the relevant upload area in 50×70 cm / 70×50 cm dimensions

*Works must be at 150 DPI resolution and uploaded to the file upload area using the CMYK color format.

*Participants should prepare a manifesto of 150-200 words for each work they send.

*The work and its manifest must be saved in .PDF format and uploaded to the file upload area.

*The Works, chosen for exhibition by the Exhibition Science Committee will be notified to you via e-mail.

*Participants selected and informed by the Exhibition Science Committee are required to deliver their works in person or by mail to Istanbul Aydın University Communication Faculty until the determined deadline.

*Accepted works will be exhibited in the foyer area of Istanbul Aydın University and will later be included in the special electronic exhibition catalogue.

*A digital certificate for your participation of the accepted works will be sent to you via e-mail.

In this context, the following topics can be discussed in this congress, which aims to address the rapidly digitalizing society in all areas of life in different areas;


* Digital Journalism (Transformation of news, new revenue models, narrative techniques, data journalism, data journalism, Z generation…)

* Digital Art (Visual communication design, virtual reality, augmented reality, algorithmic design, digital design, deepfake, genarative design, digital cinema, digital television, digital platforms…)

* New media (Metaverse, NFT, digital diseases, machine learning, digital culture, data mining, digital perception, infodemi, digital addiction, digital unrest, digital hoarding, artificial intelligence…)

* Corporate communication ( Advertising, public relations, gamification, sustainability, digital advertising, digital marketing, digital public relations, image management, social responsibility, perception and reputation management, integrated marketing communication, brand communication and management, digital crisis communication, sponsorship, digital public relations tools….)